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Probably the greatest service rendered to tenants in this city is the maintenance of the TENAC Hotline (202)-628-3688, now in its 12th year. The Hotline is serviced by trained TENAC operators, who specialize in advising tenants on landlord-tenant problems and rent control law. To date, TENAC has responded to thousands of tenant inquiries and crises across the city. TENAC is proud of this service and plans to expand it in the future.

TENAC takes special notice of the loss of a beloved institution long cherished by countless tenants, especially senior citizens-- Sholl's Cafeteria in downtown Washington. Sholl's specialized in serving wonderful, extraordinarily low priced food to poor, low-income, and homeless people for almost 100 years. Sholl's was a long time patron and supporter of TENAC. Its closure last December was a blow to all of us, especially tenants, many of whom took all three of their meals there every day. TENAC is especially interested in a recently announced cause to "Bring Back Sholl's" and invites your support for it.

TENAC is very indebted to Kobi Snitz, our website creator and to John Seitz, TENAC consultant, whose collective efforts are responsible for this web site. Jim McGrath, TENAC Chairman.

If you live in a rental building, you need a tenants' association. If you need help forming one, TENAC stands ready to assist you through our tenant organization workshops, and through our on-site advice and counsel. Call our Hotline (202)-628-3688.